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WVLT News Story and Some Thoughts

We like to thank Erica Lunsford (and Jacob cameraman?) and WVLT for coming to the house. We've been asked about the video and Sheriff Lawson statements. We fully support Sheriff Lawson and his office as Sheriff of Hawkins County. We understand he has to be very careful about his statements and we are glad that he keeps the investigation private. The only pieces we have of Summer's disappearance is the dog trail scent and the neighbor's family hearing some kind of scream. We don't know if that was Summer. We don't know if the dog trail is truly part of her disappearance. We do know that Summer never would have gone down that trail on her own. So maybe she played with the dogs and they took her scent, or maybe the boys had their scent on them and went down through there. But if it was Summer, she probably would be carried cause she was so small. We just don't know but these are the only clues we have. At least we have these. We just dont know. We were asked why we chose WVLT to come here. We liked Erica when we met her. She came to one of the prayer vigils and was really nice. This was our first time to allow news media because things had gotten so bad online and sometimes news, so we just stopped everything. This was kind of a test. It went really well with Erica. We thank her for coming and helping us get Summer's name out to the public. They are in Knoxville so it spread the word out about Summer further than just locally and let us get our feet wet trying to use the news media again. Once more we appreciate Sheriff Lawson being very careful about his words on the questions he was asked. Just like him we wish drugs and amber alerts and runaways and all that didn't exist. There is no way to express the pain of a little girl just disappearing though. We know many think we had something to do with Summer missing, but they have not been with us when grief overtakes us, or the horrible thoughts that torment all night of where our little girl is and is she being tormented or abused. There are no words for the depth of those mind battles adn nightmares which have nearly broke us completely many times. Unfortunately, it was during those weak horrible times that I would get online and say crazy things. But the agony was more than I or Candus could bare. I try to protect her. But I also was fighting to keep her from breaking beyond repair. No one knows us really. They mostly just have my crazy talk late at night and judge from that. Grief and fear are horrible to both have.

So that is where we were when we contacted Erica to test the news media again. We just want to get Summer's name out there. It doesn't matter what people say about me and Candus is the same. Sure it hurts bad, but we are willing to let all that happen if it just gets Summer's pictures and name out there and maybe someone will see her. We just want her home. This has been a huge wakeup call for us and hopefully all parents. Just know that human nature is always to think the worst. I am guilty of that too. But whether you are the thousands that encourage us, or the few that tear us apart or dont like us or totally misunderstand us by my crazy late night stuff, know that we THANK YOU for keeping Summer's name out there and trying to help us find her. We love our Summer and family with all our hearts. This isn't just me, this is me and Candus. Pain makes love grow deeper than words can say. I love Candus and I dont care to tell the world that. Please don't talk bad about her at this time. I've been told and it is true that a broken mother is the greatest break there is. Imagine the fear on top of that because you don't know what your daughter is going trhough each day or night. Love and Prayers,



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