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Don Wells Letter To His Daughter Summer Moon-Utah Wells

Watch Youtube Video : https://youtu.be/JNSi20nVZ8Q To All Media : This Letter is from Don Wells to his Daughter Summer Moon-Utah Wells, who has been missing since June 15, 2021. Posted 8/3/22 . The video and the letter may be freely played/shared -in full- with no strikes against a content creator. It must remain in its full length.

The letter is shown below and may be shared 'as is'.

NEWS MEDIA : Permissions : This letter may be used 'as is' in its full form.

Watch Youtube Video : https://youtu.be/JNSi20nVZ8Q

This letter is from Don Wells, representing his own thoughts, and is written as he fulfills a season in jail for a probation violation which occurred after Summer disappeared from Don Wells' home. These are Mr. Wells own words.

View/Download letter : http://FindSummerWells.com/blog

"Dear Summer,

I don't know if there's even the remotest chance of you ever seeing this letter but I'm going to write it hoping you will. First of all I want you to know that I love you with all my heart. I've never missed someone as much as I miss you. My heart aches constantly and then the thought of someone mistreating you puts so much anguish and fear for you that I can barely breath at times. I beg God for your life and break out in tears constantly. I'm very glad i got to spend 5 years with you but now my life always feels like snow, rain, and drizzle never ending. You are the highlight of my entire miserable existence on this earth. I love you Summer with every fiber of my being sweetheart! I love you and I will never give up on you and one day I will see you again.

Always & Forever Your earthly Dad. Father. " Watch Youtube Video : https://youtu.be/JNSi20nVZ8Q


All tips should go to : TIPS : 1-800-TBI-FIND / TipsToTBI@tn.gov

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation... "..we ask the public NOT to submit tips as a result of a video they viewed on Youtube or a theory they've seen posted on Facebook." Leslie Earhart TBI 6/15/22

TBI statements : https://tbinewsroom.com/2021/06/16/amber-alert-summer-wells/

Family Website/Youtube : http://FindSummerWells.com

Summer Moon-Utah Wells

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Letter Download Link : https://static.wixstatic.com/media/a734f8_414360eb39e84831b3bb7c47e46a3561~mv2.jpg Watch Youtube Video : https://youtu.be/JNSi20nVZ8Q


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