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Secondary Email For Fact Based Tips to Find Summer through P.I.

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

We have many true friends that are helping us. A hired Professional Private Investigation company has set up an extra 'TIP' email. We heard some people are afraid or nervous to contact the TBI or FBI type organizations. The P.I. Company will eliminate spam and related then send all tips as a 'middle man' to the TBI. This is the secondary email address. No one associated to the website will see the tips. All tips with this email go straight to the P.I. Company, then to the TBI, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

This is ONLY for real tips based on facts. No speculation, visions or those kind of tips. Also see our CONTACTS page for All Contacts including the TBI information. TBI Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is the number one tip contact. Or you may use this one to the 'middleman' Private Investigation Company:


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Sep 29, 2021

#Find Summer

# Justice for Summer

# We Love you Summer

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