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Law Enforcement Reminder

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Youtube Videos or Facebook theories are not useful tips or wanted by the TBI Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. This includes all channels regardless of the number of subscribers or views or public interviews a creator may participate in.

Anyone other than Hawkins County Sheriffs Department, TBI, or FBI, and direct accompanying individuals such as the Family P.I. - is not a representative of the Summer Wells Case.

Youtube, Facebook or Social Media individuals are not representatives of the Summer Wells Case and are not spokespersons for the case in any form.

As with all forms of professional media, the purpose is to 'report' what is happening. It is not social media that solves cases. It is professional law enforcement. Social media is not law enforcement and regardless of past experiences or employments, has been dismissed by the TBI. Simply put, no one on social media, as often commented, has "done so much for this case". But instead, many have caused "major impact on the investigation and not in a good way."

Anyone keeping Summer Moon-Utah Wells image and name out to the public is very much appreciated. But anyone treading into law enforcement's perimeters are what the TBI rejects as helpful. This includes any other self-created side angle case. The professionals are clearly saying to Youtube and Facebook - social media - to stand down, not encourage others to intervene with speculations, theories, or "false information", and let the staffed Law Enforcement do their job. Once again, Thank You to anyone using social media responsibly by ONLY keeping Summer Moon-Utah Wells image and name out to the public.


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