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My Note To Summer

Dear my daughter Summer

Life will never be the same without out you I can't even control my feelings every time I look around at the house the yard I think and cry for you. I don't know what happened to you or who took you but I do know my heart is breaking everyday and every night and everyday I wish I knew what happened to my precious beautiful daughter. Summer you are my world and I will go to every inch of this country and world to find you. Your Mommy and Daddy love and miss you with everything we have we pray and try to keep faith and hope we will see you again. I'm so sorry for what ever happened to you I don't know but I will not give up looking for you. I love you with everything I have I will not ever stop looking or searching for you your daddy and me we are doing everything we can and if it is God will you will be home soon I pray whoever took you will let you go or have mercy on them to come forward with information on you. Summer Moon-Utah Wells you are the most beautiful angel Summer mommy and daddy and your brothers miss you please Lord Jesus Christ I'm begging for my Summer to come home. We all miss you beautiful Summer daddy and me have been going through a lot I hope you see this and no we are not going to give up on you we will find you I won't stop love mommy and daddy brothers and grandma


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