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Our Boys, Our Family

1. We are so grateful that we are being told that our boys are being well cared for by a helpful family.

2. We do not understand how we are different than other American Families in that we cannot talk to our Boys, or send them letters, and other types of communication.

3. We have no charges against us concerning our daughter Summer Wells.

4. We have no child abuse case against us.

5. We support the Tennessee Senate and State Representatives that are trying to fix what they call, in various words, a broken system.

6. One day we would love to spend our lives together again with our Sons.

7. Right now we just want to be able to communicate with our Sons and let them know how much we love them.

8. We are an Amber Alert Family. Regardless of education, degrees, etc.. no other adult can understand an experience such as this ~ other than the immediate family that has gone through such a loss. Many experience death in their family, but very very few are Amber Alert Families with their Child still missing. Our Family needs each other. We lived this together. We need each other.

9. We have had some helpful people at the DCS. But somewhere the system has cut us off completely from our Boys.

10. As we try to restrain our emotions in 2023, the strain since June 15, 2021 can be unbearable. We love our Boys with all our heart and feel that regardless of the trauma our Family shared together and now separately, we should be able to communicate with our Sons ~ with each other. We all lost Summer. I wish their were words to convey this.


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