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Please Keep Candus In Thoughts and Prayers

In the past two weeks Candus Wells has been to the Emergency Room four times for heart trauma. The fourth visit she was given a room for the second time and extensive tests were completed. After a few days she returned home. The doctors described the heart results and have told her a dangerous surgery is needed that could fix the issue, or possibly cause death. We are asking that during this highly emotional weekend of Summer's 7th Birthday that thoughts and prayers to God will be given for Candus, Don, and the Wells Children. Compassion is of upmost importance at his time because stress could prove fatal. Thank You from the Family for Everyone who supports them as they focus on Candus's healing, the rebuilding of the house, and the ultimate desire - a restoration of the Wells Family together with their Sons, and the hopes of Summer being found alive and restored with her Brothers and her Parents.


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