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Please Remember Robin, Our Precious Friend of Summer and Our Family

From Robin "Mom passed away peacefully in her sleep last night. She took her last breath at 11:58pm as Hayley and I both held her hands. Mickey was here too. Pastor Dave, Stacey and the Cotes visited just hours before she passed, and we all sang and prayed over her. It was an amazingly painless experience considering her extensive bone cancer and bed sores. Even hospice was amazed at how little pain she experienced, which I KNOW was due to their amazing care and SO MANY prayers being lifted up for her. She indeed had a peaceful Sabbath rest. Thank you ALL so much for your prayers for us. We love you all!! Just so you know.. I’m hoping to have a memorial service for mom at the church on March 19 around 4:00? But that’s not confirmed yet. Just hoping that date might work out.

God bless you and thank you "


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