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Rumors and Partial Information

We get calls and texts all the time asking this and that from us and we so often just say yes because people say they are just trying to find Summer. Unfortunately sometimes there are people with zeal to help that share things that aren't suppose to be shared or are only partially accurate. We apologize if we are caught in a weak moment and give permission. PLEASE, if it is not posted here or on our website or facebook or youtube, then it is not officially from us.

When your mind is so weary there is no way to keep all the things happening clear. That is why we are so grateful for the official ones that are helping us.

So one more time, If it is not posted on our official pages, then it will never be 100% accurate and may actually just add to our troubles later or hurt other good people who are helping us. And to be honest many times we don't know it all either which is why we have help. Thank You

Love and Prayers, DonCandus


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