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Speaking To The Wells' Children

Before judging the Wells Family - after Summer Wells disappearance - remember the DCS, Department of Children's Services, had just closed a case the day before with the Wells. One day before Summer Wells disappeared.

Someone(s) had accused the Wells of letting their Children run around the yard with loaded guns. The DCS did a full investigation on DonCandus Wells. Did they find a reason to take the Children? No, they closed the case. Repeat : the DCS closed the case. This means the Wells were cleared of this accusation.

The paradox is that the very next day, Summer disappears. As the chaos develops over the next weeks, only then are the Children taken, freely given by the Parents.

The Parents have communication with the Children from then on. Over the next 16 months since Summer's disappearance, Don is quietly in jail for the latter 9 months. Quietly. Causing no problems or issues. Then mysteriously, the moment Don is released from jail, the DCS stops all communication from the Parents with their Children. Don and Candus are not allowed to call their own Children and even say "I love you.".

The mentality of this cruelty is not explained by the DCS.

Remember, one day before Summer's disappearance, the DCS closed their professionally researched case - knowing all about the Wells - closed it, and never saw a need to take the Children.

So said again - the Wells were not found to be incapable of having and raising their Children, let alone being able to communicate with them.

So what changed?

It is extremely important to loudly proclaim : there are NO charges against the Wells concerning Summer. No charges. None. Zero. NULL.

Did the TBI or FBI tell the DCS to take full control of the Wells' Children and refuse all communication with the Parents? That is doubtful.

Near the end of 2022 the Tennessee government was considering completely shutting down the DCS and rebuilding it from ground zero. This is public news. News Media has reported around 50% of all case workers leave the DCS in Tennessee. It is a failed, or at the least, highly flawed system.

The question naturally arises, how many employees have ever worked Amber Alert cases? Or for that matter, how many case workers have even had Children of their own? What training has the DCS had concerning families of Amber Alert cases? And remember, these are the people whose clamp of authority is handling the Wells' Children - cutting off all forms of communication. Remember, there are NO charges against DonCandus Wells concerning Summer Wells.

There are six people who took the emotional hit of Summer's disappearance that day : Dad Mom Grandmother and three boys. They experienced the anguish, the panic, the guilt, the fear, the mental torture, of this horrific event. They go to sleep and then awake with tormented thoughts of what Summer is going through each day and night. Hell begins at sunset and resurrects at sunrise for Amber Alert Families.

Then the DCS practically steals the three Sons from their Parents, ripping the unique love by DNA apart, and feels they have the right to keep Parents from doing what even federal prisoners are allowed to do - speak to their Children?

And we talk child trafficking, child kidnapping, child exploitation, as something that only cartels do?

Remember, there are NO charges.

Generically speaking : If the DCS can take children from parents who drink, or maybe even have occasional drug use, then there are going to be a lot of empty households in Tennessee. But where did it say that all communication can be cut off between parents and children when there are no charges, not to mention the key difference that this is an Amber Alert Family! What has to be said or yelled that this is an Amber Alert Family? Is this the template of how Amber Alert Families should be treated? The psychological damage being done by a DCS that thinks text book techniques will resolve the devastation in the boys' minds of losing their only sister from right under their nose, is cruelty and educative ignorance. These are Amber Alert Families, not standard child issues that DCS is 'trained' to handle - in a shattered system nearly shut down by Tennessee.

To separate and strip an Amber alert Family apart, that has no charges, is psychological rape.

How Tennessee handles Amber Alert Families is disgraceful. To torture Amber Alert Parents by using their Children as tools of manipulation is as bad as trafficking.

Placing Children to be cared for in a safe environment is understandable, but cutting all communication is an abomination to Parents and Children of Amber Alert Families. It is a dangerous precedent of an abuse of power that teaches false Americanism.

What is this teaching the Wells' Boys about America, about our moral structure, about our legal system, about our Law Enforcement, and about trust of authority figures?

And are professionals actually making decisions from the ramblings of social media? The TBI clearly properly placed social media in the 'LEAVE US ALONE' category, unless it had valid tips. But let one phonecall, or one criticism arrive from social media and the 'professionals' of other organizations, systems, or businesses, unravel. They cannot take the slightest heat. They have not experienced it nor been appropriately trained. The Wells take thousands of hits, but others can't handle one Youtube video that mentions their name. Dear professionals, social media is controlling you. Don't judge the Wells because they threw themselves into the social media world in the desperation to find their Daughter.

The world has changed. The attacks magnified. And a very high percentage of older people in positions of power or control unravel at the slightest provocation. And how do many respond? They respond as babies, and then respond as bullies. And who usually takes the punch? - in this case, the Amber Alert Family.

Other than being ordered by the TBI or FBI or court order, which is very doubtful, the irresponsible abuse of the DCS system shatters the American Constitution and human rights. Instead it shows that one of the most vulnerable groups of Citizens, Amber Alert Families, can be treated by personal vendetta instead of common sense human assistance.

It is anti American, anti Constitutional, anti LegalSystem, anti moral, - to keep parents from communicating with their Children, and/or using children in order to manipulate their parents, and/or using random gossip from social media to make professional decisions - and all this being used towards Amber Alert Families, which most of DCS never deals with - in a system so flawed they were nearly shut down by Tennessee last year.

And these are the ones controlling the Children of the Wells, an Amber Alert Family, with NO CHARGES against them concerning the disappearance of Summer Moon-Utah Wells.

Remember, the day before, the DCS closed a bogus case and cleared the Wells.

Now the DCS severs the closest human tie that binds, Parents and Children. To torture this Family is inexcusable. They are an Amber Alert Family. The system is disgusting.

Amber Alert Families need better care with Amber Alert professionals. There will be more. Many more.

We don't know if Summer is being handed from man to man each day and night in a sexual trafficking industry growing in profitability - one step below the illegal drug crisis - but we do know that the Family suffering with this hourly fear has had their other three Children taken by a nearly abolished system and told they can't even console those Amber Alert Family victims, their own Children, with the words "I Love You.".

Tennessee, or even the USA, step up to the plate and remedy this mess before the next Amber Alert Family ends up being your neighbor, or yourself.

Let the debacle of Summer Moon-Utah Wells help the next victims in a rapidly growing attribute of a collapsing part of society.

Amber Alert Families need special protection, assistance, and trained professionals.

The Wells have an American right to tell their Children they love them.



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