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Summer, if you are alive..

Summer, if you are alive, by God's Grace we are going to see You.

If you are not, then we are promised by God to see You.

That is what Easter is all about. Our God is the Resurrection.

God has no beginning and has no ending. He knows all things. He knows Summer. He is the only one that knows it all. It is in His Hands, which is what He asks us to accept.

Dear Lord, Grant us the patience to wait upon You. This is Your Script. This is Your Narrative. You hold all the receipts. Thank You for all You have done so far. The Wells Family is Your Family. We are not looking for justice.. we are looking for You to receive glory and show us all, that You have been here all the time, resurrected, and completely in charge of this whole journey Summer has set the world upon. Justice for every human will be done at Your White Throne Judgment when each person will learn if their decision of serving You or not serving You was correct. True justice will be then.

Today, We desire that Your Will be done. Summer Moon-Utah Wells has always been Yours. You are God of us all. Strengthen us to remain focused and in expectation. Thank You for continuing to Bless the whole Wells Family in Your very Special Ways. You have already done so much. We yield to You. We are in Your scarred Hands..

Thank You for the Resurrection..

Thank You for Your Promise


(Luke 24 Acts 2)


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