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TBI/FBI Are Professionals

As anyone in Law Enforcement knows : Many times it's not guilt to refuse help. It's wisdom.

People making a social media financial career off your missing Daughter by daily attacking your Family, are not the people to be offering help.

The complexities of the Summer Wells' case cannot be compared to other cases, except in the intensity of the emotion and broken hearts. Without TBI and/or FBI approval, crowded outside help could be disastrous on many levels.

We understand the latest tool of certain youtubians is to squeeze the Wells to use a specific organization to dive into the middle of a 'hot case'.. (and if the Wells don't, the youtubians can then squeeze out more defamation profits.) A bad salesman can destroy a company's/organization's reputation. People lose trust, especially if the bad apple hasn't been fired.

In similitude, it would be highly disrespectful to the TBI/FBI to bring in "help" from those who legally would not be allowed to randomly be handed the files of the Summer Wells Case.

I'll clearly express this word again : Complexities. The Summer Wells Case is highly complex.

Certain youtubians can profit by the public's natural curiosity, which many vilely do, (welcome to the entertainment paparazzi industry)(welcome to how snake oil salesmen vacuum money from their manipulated groupies).. but you can't build a space shuttle when your experience is building a 56 Chevy.. And you definitely would never be called upon to come repair a SpaceX rocket who's countdown is paused from the public eye. Offering the Wells "help" does not cover for the daily onslaught that spews out of the offering soul's mouth.

On the good side - all this "I know I daily butcher your Family, but trust me, I'm a good guy here to help you." tabloid profiteers - is that the public is educated on organizations, foundations, and independents that are available in the USA to assist people who do not have such national and international exposure for their specific cases - and there are hundreds if not thousands of those cases in desperate need of assistance.

The Wells have county, state, and national Law Enforcement help. And yes, I capitalize LE out of full respect. If TBI/FBI needs further assistance from these other groups, there are protocols that are to be followed.

Order and respect solves cases. And complex cases demand a specific order, respect, and prudent privacy.



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