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Tim Mullen, Media Manager, Shares His Journey

Non-Monetized Youtube Channel will play Tim's Journey meeting and with the Wells Family. The first video will play 2/22/22 at 2:22am. He is doing this for the Wells Family Children to view as they begin to try to put into perspective this event that happened to their Family. Summer included, these four children will be teenagers soon when questions begin to abound in the minds of young persons. This is the first of four currently made. Summer Wells : The Journey :: Part 1 : How I Ended Up At Ben Hill Road : Tim Mullen Part 1 : How I Ended Up At Ben Hill Road

Part 2 : Seeing Candus Bly Wells In A Funfest Parade

Part 3 : Meeting Robin The Bread Lady

Part 4 : Youtube and Chris McDonough

Part 5 : The Website

Part 6 : tba


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