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Transition : The Wells Are Offline


We are always transitioning in life. Sometimes it is 90 degrees, sometimes 180, sometimes 360. A few days ago Mr. Wells woke up early with a clear distinct decision, a line of demarcation, and that was to stop all usage of media so he could focus on the things he believes God is guiding him to do.

Everyone who is asking about the 'court hearing' that just occurred - my marketing media answer is short and clear : Nothing Newsworthy Happened.

There is no hidden message there.

One day it is Winter, the next day is Spring, and without a calendar no one would take notice of any change on earth.. or as we say once again, "Nothing Newsworthy Happened". But for those who love Spring, they savor the time of flowers and resurrection and begin to anticipate Summer.

There are no 'clues' in these statements. It is simply an expression that there is no money for anyone to make off the 'hearing' by 'views', 'subscribers', or 'advertising'.. thus "Nothing Newsworthy Happened".

Don's decision was before the 'hearing' happened.

Out of great respect for my Friends, I will not be using this website, Facebook, or Youtube as spokes-tools for the Wells.

Yes, as you may or may not know, my contribution to the Summer Wells Amber Alert case was to offer my services with a website - which evolved into the other media sources - to allow a place that the Wells could post pictures, statements, or anything else they would like to share. It is important to realize - not to toot a horn - that all of these media sources belong to me. I freely 'rented' it to the Wells at no charge. I paid for these resources, maintain them, and closely worked with the Wells to put what they wanted shared, online. This is my contribution of assistance. They didn't hire me, have never placed a penny in the pocket, were never asked to place a penny, and they have not fired me. Hire and Fire do not apply at all to Don's decision a few days ago.

These are my words : the Family is focusing on what they wish to accomplish and media does not fit into that equation right now.

What Next? Since these are my media resources, I will continue to post ONLY things from myself in order to keep Summer Wells' name in the forefront. This has always been what I have assisted with online.. HOWEVER, from now on it will come only from me.. NOT the Wells. If it is written, it is me. If it is shown, it is me. This includes the website, the Youtube channel, and the Facebook page.

1. I do not speak for the Wells Family starting now until further notice.

2. I answer no questions about the Wells Family other than my personal thoughts.

3. IF.. I post new pictures, they are mine.

4. I will maintain the 'media manager' title because local, national, and international news media and entertainment companies still inquire often. Ever since Don asked me to 'stand in the gap' with these companies and organizations, this is what I have done. This will continue so the Wells can have their privacy.

5. If I want to say that Don loves God, I will. But I will NOT say, "Don told me to tell you this or that..".

6. If I want to say Don and I fly gyrocopters built from old 1956 Chevy engines.. I'll try to remember to add, "Just kidding".

7. If I decide to shut the accounts all down, I will... but I won't.

8. I will continue NOT monetizing. Money has never been asked for. I've paid the Wells zero. They have paid me zero. We have earned zero. No money is made by us from views, subscribers, or advertisements.

9. Knowing the Youtubians like to be mentioned, out of respect I say - you can contact me but that does not mean I will answer. The Youtube Crime Community has never been my cup of tea. There are some great people there - and some that highly tested my Christianity.

10. I may have everyone in the world on the website.. EXCEPT, the Wells. Don wants complete separation for his Family from the media, and that is what Don gets. I'm a thick brick wall when it comes to that.

11. Professional Media : You may still contact me at . We never know which moment, which hour, which day, that the answer to the disappearance of Summer Moon-Utah Wells will no longer be a mystery..

And even better, that Summer will be found alive and in all aspects, healthy.

Maybe today.

12. I'm a Kingsport person and hardly know anyone or any official in Hawkins County. So there is no need to ask me about any of them.

In summary, Summer is the focus of this website and media. Until further notice, the Wells will not be using these media resources.

Somehow, somewhere, Summer is. This is my contribution, done on my own, for now.. to help keep this precious young girl, that has touched the world, alive in the online world.

Please send your tips to the FBI.

The Wells are now offline.

February 9, 2023




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