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We Support Fixing The DCS, and We Want To Communicate With Our Sons.

"The DCS system is broken. It must be fixed. And we give ourselves as an example of the affects of a broken system. And.. we are an Amber Alert Family."

These are the type of articles that we are seeing throughout Tennessee that have truly discouraged us, making us go public. This isn't about specific employees, this is about a system that has collapsed - according to Tennessee government leaders.

Yes, we are a unique case. Yes, we have no charges against us and no child abuse case against us. Yes, the DCS helped us over a year ago. But suddenly we were stopped from even phone calling our boys - OUR BOYS - and talk with them. Our whole Family has suffered deeply from the loss of our daughter and sister, Summer Moon-Utah Wells. But now the DCS system that was helping us with our Boys, turns out to be a shambled system who makes us feel like our Boys have now been kidnapped.

Does DCS even know how to handle Amber Alert Families? Here is another article :

Dissolving DCS and Starting Over "Lawmaker says he discussed dissolving DCS and starting over in closed-door meeting" This is said by Senator Kerry Roberts the chair of the Government Operations Committee, which oversees the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services.


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