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"..went walking.."? TBI Statement Appears to Discredit

❓️Was Summer "seen walking" on the road June 15, 2021, the day of her disappearance?

This is what we have so far as we try to dissect the truth on this quote that won't die.. or live..

🔹️It is possible this quote was first spoken by the 911 operator on the day of the disappearance. Local television has tried to get the 911 tapes but cannot due to the ongoing investigation.

🔹️WJHL repeated this quote via Sheriff Lawson at the beginning stages of the case being reported.

🔹️The questionable quote keeps reappearing in news media - local and national in 2024. This re-ignites the attempt to discredit the Wells' testimony of Summer's disappearance.

🔹️The TBI, on June 14 2024, released a video and clearly said, "“We don’t have the evidence in this case to know for sure whether or not Summer was abducted or whether or not she walked away from her home and became lost..”.

🔹️"Abducted OR".. implies she wasn't seen walking in the Ben Hill Beech Creek area of Rogersville Tennessee.

To all media : unless the TBI says it themselves, please resist posting the "seen walking" quote. The official testimony of what happened that day is easy to read on the homepage of the Wells Family website as well as many other sources.



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