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Count the Cost Creators : Felicity's Health Testimony

Count the Cost before crushing another person. :: Summer Wells Friends This video is from our dear friend Felicity after suffering a seizure due to an uncontrolled attack from a LIVE Youtube Channel. Before she knew what was happening, she was being hit with texts and messages of how "creepy" her work is.. How she doesn't "care about Summer".. How she has "sold you soul to the devil".. Then accused - with no arbitrator stepping in - of faking being ill and lying about her disabilities. This sudden attack triggered the stress and anxiety of her struggle and this triggered the seizure. The Video : This video is from Felicity, who helps us with media work, about her illness with Covid since March 2020 and being bedridden. She also contacted Lyme Disease. She lost her job. She is a professional journalist and media specialist. She cannot sit up with help. She is using oxygen. She makes her videos on .. a cellphone. She is amazing in mind, heart, and talent.Count the cost before tearing into their lives.. The Youtube Creators learning curve MUST include this lesson. There should be no sacrificial lambs - due to Youtube productions - in order to wake everyone up to the damage that can be done to others.


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