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Dog Trail With Summer's Scent

This video shows the trail that the search dogs followed our Daughter Summer Moon-Utah Wells scent. It went to the road and up towards our driveway. Then it faded.

There is no way to know if it came from Summer directly, or if her scent was on our dogs from playing with them and they spread it, or maybe on the boys if they came down through here after playing with Summer. But there is a very good chance it was from Summer, possibly her being carried by someone. It is the only place that her scent was found to this degree that the dogs followed.

Thank You to Everyone who is helping us find our Daughter Summer.

This trail and maybe a scream heard by a neighbor are the only two things we have to hold on to right now. Knowing our Daughter's scent was here also hurts because she is gone.

Please remember us in your prayers. Love and Prayers, DonCandus


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