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Don Wells Private Journal 6.19.22 : A Look Back

A Look Back :: 6.19.22

"Today is father's day 4 days after the day of our daughter's disappearance, happy fathers day. I dreamed of Summer this morning and I could see her and I was begging her and crying "Summer please tell me where your at please!!" but there was no response from her at all.

Being locked up in isolation is taking its toll on me. I don't know why there doing this to me! I have nobody to talk to, no one to confide in and when a guard or someone does come in there cold as ice towards me! God please help me I pray!!! Doing time in itself is not the hard part it's loosing your spouse, and your children, and everything you love, that's what makes it so hateful and cruel."

Don Wells Private Journal

June 19, 2022 One year after Summer Wells disappearance.


Summer Moon-Utah Wells




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