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Donald Wesley Wells Statement 6/15/22 12:00am

Don Wells, Father of Summer Moon-Utah Wells, shares his statement for the one year anniversary of the disappearance of the Wells Daughter June 15 2021. video link : "Don had certain things he wished to share. The main one is the last picture ever taken of him with his daughter Summer. This video is as raw as Don's current position in jail. He is spending his time and days reading the Bible, which is the only material other than postal letters that the institution has allowed. The original song is written by Robin Lane. The full song is also on the Family Youtube page. This version shares just a few of the words from the song, but these words are very fitting to exactly how Don is feeling and thinking during this season of his life. The statement from Don that he has written for June 15 2022 completes the video. Don is deeply grateful for Everyone that has given their hearts, prayers, helps, and encouragements during this year without Summer." tm Summer Wells disappeared from her home June 15 2021. All tips should go to : TIPS : 1-800-TBI-FIND / Tennessee Bureau of Investigation ... Family Website/Youtube : Summer Moon-Utah Wells


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