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Illegal Drone On Our Property

For two days this week we had a drone invade our property. We are not talking about just high in the sky, but this drone came down to our windows and doors and almost touched the ground. We ran them off the first day but they returned the second day. Then they posted online.

We were told this is very illegal. Someone helped us with this video to help teach people it might not be wise to do this anymore. We do have a Private Investigator Company that works closely with law enforcement. Also there are Tennessee drone laws and privacy and surveillance laws. We have security. So we will know who you are. Please don't add to our difficulties by doing this.

This is about finding our Daughter Summer Moon-Utah Wells. Thank You to everyone that helps and shows kindness and courtesy and encouragement. There is no way to tell you how much this helps us. Please ask your friends to watch this so they don't accidentally get in trouble also.

Love and Prayers, DonCandus

View Youtube Video :



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