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Request To The Tennessee Legislature : 6.15.22

June 15, 2022 is the one year anniversary that Summer Moon-Utah Wells disappeared. The lessons learned from this past year will not be in vain if other Amber Alert Families are protected during this most stressful time that can be experienced. Approved by Donald Wesley Wells, Father of Daughter Summer Wells " On this day, June 15 2022, the one year anniversary when Summer Wells disappeared, we ask the Tennessee Government to open the state/national discussion to fix a gaping hole in the Amber Alert System. We ask for the writing and discussion of something similar to this : The Summer Wells ACT of Privacy for Amber Alert Victims and Families. Secondly, we suggest the Tennessee Legislature begin the process of assisting in updating The Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) of 1986 and/or the USA PATRIOT ACT to make it illegal to publicly broadcast privately recorded communications such as - most specifically - telephone conversations, without all parties permission, or law enforcement and/or court order. Simply put : 1. We must protect Amber Alert Families. 2. We must make it illegal to play private phone calls on social media without all parties permission or consent. This bait of vulnerability must end. In honor of Summer Moon-Utah Wells, who has become an international template of missing children, we ask the 1st District State Representative of the State of Tennessee, Representative Diana Lynn Harshbarger, to assist in helping all future Amber Alert Families maintain their needed privacy (as well as assist law enforcement from distracting situations) by starting the legal construction of : The Summer Wells ACT of Privacy for Amber Alert Victims and Families. [ Telecommunications / Electronic Communications / Personal ] " Video link :

All tips should go to :TIPS : 1-800-TBI-FIND / Tennessee Bureau of Investigation... Family Website/Youtube : Summer Moon-Utah Wells


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