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Song By Robin Lane

A Song By Robin Lane in honor of Summer Wells and All Missing Children on the one year anniversary of the disappearance of Summer Moon-Utah Wells. Summer Wells disappeared from her home June 15 2021. All tips should go to :TIPS : 1-800-TBI-FIND / TipsToTBI@tn.govTennessee Bureau of Investigation... Summer Moon-Utah Wells : Lay These Children At His Feet

Lyrics : I can't sleep without your smile in my mind. Those little arms holding my neck so tight. Dance, my child, to your own tune of life. And we all will wait, wait for you, you to come home, tonight.

People say there's no way she will. People say it’s not wise to get involved. How can I just sit at home and pray? The Shepherd Himself, He did more than pray. He went out and searched, tonight.

Where to search in this big crazy world? Where would those tiny feet run, dear Lord, where? Father knows, and I know the Father, my child. And I know that if, if it's His will, He will reveal, in His time.

Please, dear Lord, You’re a good God, we know. All your children, lift up from the depths below. Reveal, redeem, rescue, restore, reunite. It's all in Your time. Open our ears, open our eyes, dear Lord.

Yeshua, all for your glory, God, Your glory alone, reveal her safe and well. And while You do, show us 1,000 more. Bring them all home, safe in our arms. Safe in Your arms, tonight.

Please dear Lord, reveal Your loving care, that they may believe You are a God of miracles. Shut the mouth of the enemy. Bring him down. Expose him for what, what he has done, oh Lord.

Meanwhile, Lord, give us all hope. We need hope. Let us not condemn. Vengeance is Yours, dear Lord. We pray, dear Lord, for justice and life. We do believe You have the power, the power to save, tonight.

It's OK to cry, it's OK to scream. It’s OK to doubt, it's OK to be. It's OK to question God. He's a big God, this He can take, and He can take much more. Lay it at His feet.

It's OK to smile, it's OK to live, it's OK to hope, it's OK to breathe. He's a real God. He knows your heart. He knows you. It's OK.

I can sleep knowing You're on Your throne. Knowing You care for us, knowing we are Your own. Please hold us tight and hold our children too. Comfort our hearts, speak to our souls, this we pray, tonight.

Comfort our hearts, Lord, speak to our souls, Lord, this we pray, oh Lord. Comfort our hearts, speak to our souls, this we pray, tonight. Robin Lane


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