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The Abduction Question

We are being told all the time from people and news media that Sheriff Lawson doesn't think it is an abduction. Then they try to watch us for a response. We fully support Sheriff Lawson and the TBI and everyone that is trying to find our Daughter Summer. We would like to post this quote from today from Sheriff Lawson about an abduction.

"Lawson said. “As much media attention, social media attention across America, one person would have seen that and made a call. But, we’re not ruling it out.”"

That is exactly our thought, we're not ruling it out.

Was it a planned abduction? We don't know and can't figure that out. Was it an accidental abduction? Very possible too. Now maybe our understanding of the definition of abduction is different, but for us Summer is gone, so she was taken from us somehow some way and that feels like abduction to our broken hearts and shattered lives.

Is there EVIDENCE of an abduction? We're not ruling that out. PLANNED abduction may not look as obvious but after all the things we've experienced online and people's hateful ways, its not hard to imagine someone with a crazy plan that was just sloppy behavior and Summer was the victim or just got in their way or stumbled across them. But this is mainly about making sure to see that Sheriff Lawson says "we're not ruling it out" and please don't try to make us upset against him by leaving that part out. Thank You WJHL for being sensitive to that.


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