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Update : Prayer Vigil 6/15/22

Note: The prayer vigil mentioned for June 15, 2022 is not a Wells Family sponsored event. This is being sponsored by a private group of individuals. Logistics will be a key factor in deciding if it is possible to do this comfortably and safely. When more information is available, the update will be shared once received. This is not a general invitation to come to the area for a specific gathering like a convention. Each person coming is responsible for their decision to come to the area for their own purposes. This group is simply letting the public know that their intention is to try to have a prayer vigil 'somewhere' that day. It is important to note that neither the Wells Family nor the private individuals desiring to have the prayer vigil are inviting people to come to the area. That decision is with each person's own choice. is simply sharing this information as a public service.


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