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What Happened To Summer Wells

What Happened To Summer Wells?


Amber Alert Family : DonCandus Wells Family : Missing Daughter Age 5, 6.15.21

When Summer Moon-Utah Wells disappeared, who all could be included in possibilities?

Here is a basic list of what TBI had/has on their hands to investigate concerning June 15, 2021. ONLY the TBI knows the yes and no of each of these :

Tree Workers

Real Estate Lookers

Dept Childrens Services

School Individuals or Employees


Family Near and Far

Anonymous Callers

People From Work

Local People In General


Public Works People

Postal People


People Who Act Like Friends

Church People

People From Out of Town

Random People

Social Media People

Drug People

People From The Past

Trespassers For Various Things

Child Traffickers and Harvesters

Mafia and Cartel Individuals

Law Enforcement Individuals

And More..

🙏 Please pray for Law Enforcement as they continue investigating the mystery of what happened to Summer Moon-Utah Wells on June 15 2021 and afterwards.


Summer Moon-Utah Wells




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