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Why This Website

As everyone knows, the social media is a basket of good, bad and ugly. A situation such as a missing child stirs the hearts and emotions of each person in different ways. There are those who have already been down this path. There are those who were harmed themselves in improper ways. There are those who ache just to help in some way. We understand the many ways people need to express their opinions, ideas, insights, contributions, emotions .. as well as investigative prowess. Since this is an ongoing professional law enforcement investigation, it is prudent that true information remains true, and that false information or imaginations do not cloud the professionals from doing their vital job at finding Summer Wells.

This is our official family website being managed by a friend. We have approved all photographs posted in order to help Citizens recognize Summer Wells, our Daughter. Certain videos will also be posted that we consider helpful to the many wonderful people who are concerned about Summer. This website is our "final say" destination point which can be used nationally. Social media such as Facebook 'will not' be our final say location. We have been asked by law enforcement to detour from social media due to the many responses which appear that threaten a clean clear concise investigation. There are lines of demarcation which must be maintained.

This information is being typed in the words of the website manager on behalf of the Wells Family.


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